Do you know who I am? Your Spanish teacher obviously! 😄

My name is Mónica and I am from Madrid. I live in a little town, which is 50 kilometers away from the capital, but my accent and my friends are from the city. I like going out with them and playing boardgames together (Have you ever played Samurai Sword? It’s very entertaining!). I also enjoy nature walking (and for this reason I love the woods near my house), doing yoga, watching tv series and trying to take care for my plants, even if I end up killing many of them. I also do many other things that I love, like sleeping, studying Italian and English, and working as a volunteer in an animal shelter on Saturday (I have a weakness for dogs). For this reason, I don’t teach during the weekend: after spending all my Saturday helping in the shelter, on Sunday I need to rest because of all the action of the previous day.


The answer is easy: because it is my vocation! Can you image having the job of your dreams, without the need to think about your holidays to be happy? This is exactly what I feel when teaching Spanish! The Spanish language is fascinating and your languages and cultures too. Each time that I speak to any of my students, I feel like I was in their country. Now do you get the reason why I don’t crave holidays? (Well… sometimes I need them too, but I think you got the idea).

In my job you never stop learning and I love it! Indeed, my job is the most stimulating of all. It’s amazing!


I have a very communicative methodology. I always speak Spanish during my classes, but if you don’t get something and it is important, don’t worry. Generally, I don’t utter words in other languages (so far English and Italian) but I can write them down for you. 

I work with many handbooks and dynamic exercises, but what I mostly do is conversating with the student applying grammar. For example, if you want to practice past tenses, I will ask you some specific questions to help you use that tense. And what if you don’t know how to do it? It’s all right, I will explain it to you in no time during class.

WRITING. Learning how to write properly isn’t something that most people look for, but I think it is a great resource. Thanks to creative writing you can learn vocabulary and grammar in a very stimulating way. Some years ago, I used to write roleplays (something like collaborative writing) and now I love doing it with my students. You can truly learn a lot! Of course, if you prefer not to do it, you don’t have to worry about it, because it is an elective activity, it’s never mandatory.

I am very flexible. If you already have a learning system that works well for you and don’t want to change it, tell me about it and I will adapt to it! Communication is very important for me. I want to be the teacher you need, so if there is something in my system that you don’t like, just tell me and I will find a way to change it.

If you’d like to find out more about my professional experience, have a look at my Linkedin account:


I really enjoy studing with Monica! She explains everything well and clearly. When I was choosing a teacher, I was afraid that it would be difficult for me to speak with a native speaker, as my level of Spanish was not good. But I feel very comfortable in our lessons. We talk a lot and practice the verb tense. In the context of the lessons I can quicklier memorize new words, correct forms of verbs. The effect is similar to driving a car - the skill is trained and becomes automatic. The lessons themselves are vivid, with a good mood and humor. I do not notice how quickly the lesson time passes!
Brilliant! Her form of teaching does that time passes really fast that you would like to go on. She’s fun and very kind, she teaches patiently and repeats everything, making each movement technique very clear. I only have great things to say. The classes are very fun and you can learn a lot and always at your own pace. I recommend her 100%
Monica is a brilliant teacher and attentive to the different needs of each student. In fact she is good at listening and then adapting the teaching method to the different needs of the student. For example in my case I have asked for more conversation, but not to forget some grammar. And Monica also dedicates some time to me outside of class time when she corrects the week's exercises done by me offline and outside of class time. But Monica is also a person who transmits so much positivity and serenity. And therefore an hour spent with her is a pleasant hour that never tires. I have already had 3 lessons with her and I plan to continue throughout the year. I recommend her to everyone: both beginners and those with more advanced knowledge.
Monica is an incredible instructor. She is very patient and cares about tailoring her instruction to what interests you. I highly recommend her.
Mónica is a very professional teacher who meets the need of her students with various methods and creativity!
Great! Mónica is an excellent Spanish teacher. She identifies in your abilities and tailors the course depending on what you want. I’m very pleased with her teaching.
What I prefer the most about Mónica’s classes is communication. She gives the student enough time to speak and she’s systematically supporting. In addition, she knows how and when to give feedback. I’m really happy 😊
Mónica is an incredible teacher! She’s fun, creative and she always finds out how to help you reach your goals. Her teaching style is very flexible and, as I said, fun! I enjoy each lesson and I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve Spanish! Also, I can tell that Mónica cares a lot about her students and makes sure that we learn the best we can!
Mónica is a devoted and thorough teacher. She is sensitive to the great effort a student has to put in learning a new language and makes the learning process interactive and fun. Mónica is the best teacher one could ask for! Highly recommended!!